Met Office heatwave: Hour by hour Hemel Hempstead Weather as town set to be hotter than Tenerife today

Hemel Hempstead weather

Its Going to Be A Hot One!

Finally after months of mediocre Hemel Hempstead weather during our ‘summer months’ we have some sun, although make the most of it as it might not be around for long.

Temperatures in Herts today (Wednesday, September 8) will be hotter than parts of Spain including Tenerife. The least we deserve considering the dull, miserable weather we’ve experienced in the past couple of months.

Temperatures are expected to officially reach as high as 28C. It’s set to be hot throughout the day so people should consider that before making plans, and make sure you take sun cream and plenty of water when out and about.

Temperatures are likely to drop later this evening but it will be as warm as 21C at around 8pm tonight.

Especially in England, when the heat comes, that usually means a lack of sleep due to the hot conditions. However it’s expected to be cooler than usual this evening with temperatures forecast to be around 20C/19C.

Whatever you’re doing today, soak up the rays as around 11pm there is a chance of some rain throughout the county and even thunderstorms during the early hours.

Here’s a breakdown of the Hemel Hempstead weather today:

Hemel Hempstead

10am to 1pm: like the rest of the county, it will be 21C this morning at 10am and will rise to 26C by the afternoon.

1pm to 4pm: the hot weather will continue throughout the day rising to the highest of 27C today at around 2pm lasting until 5pm.

4pm to 8pm: as we get later into the afternoon, temperatures will drop from 27C getting immediately cooler by the evening going to 21C by 8pm.

8pm to midnight: temperatures won’t drop a lot but it will be cooler than other places in Hertfordshire tonight. In these areas, it will be around 21C to 19C this evening. There is also the chance of some light rain at 11pm which will lead to thunderstorms during the early hours.

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