Long Deans in Hemel Hempstead

A picturesque valley of pasture and old parkland near Hemel Hempstead with magnificent oak, beech, ash and wild cherry trees.

Long Deans Nature Reserve is noted for its grassland floral communities, butterflies, birds and other invertebrates. The site is home to UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) priority species - common linnet, common bullfinch and song thrush.

Long Deans

Long Deans is also noted for veteran trees, which provide habitat for fungi, invertebrates, hole-nesting birds and bats.

Bunkers Lane off the A4147
Hemel Hempstead

Best time to visit
Apr - Jul

Opening Times
Open at all times

5.00 hectares

There are no public footpaths but the meadows are open to pedestrian access.

Walking information
There are no public rights of way but the meadow is open to pedestrian access. There is a path through one end of the wood. Combine with Bunkers Park circular walk.

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