Bikers plan spooky ride around Hemel Hempstead Town on Halloween

Hemel Hempstead town

Haunting Hemel Hempstead Town – the bikers will be dressed up in Halloween costumes

A group of motorcycle riders will be doing a fun Halloween ride around Hemel Hempstead town dressed in Halloween costumes on Sunday, October 31.

Dacorum Motorcycle Riders will be meeting at McDonald’s in Maylands avenue at 6pm and they are going to ride around the town and finish at The Monks Inn in the town centre.

Jon Andrews, one of the riders, said: “We done ride around Hemel last Halloween and it went really well.

“Me, Shelly McClellan, Gavin King and Teresa Gurney wanted to do this to show that us bikers are not all bad, and we do stuff for the community of Hemel Hempstead.

“We will start at McDonald’s and drive round to Monks Inn where we will meet Kirsty Derham and Clint Whitaker, who will be supporting us bikers, and also do a lot of good things for Hemel Hempstead.

“We will all be in fancy dress and hooting at everyone that’s going trick or treating.”

October is the month of all things spooky and while many may choose to celebrate the 31st with sweets and horror films, others may be hoping for a real scare this Halloween.


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