21 things we will never understand about Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire is one of the best counties in the UK, although I may be biased.

Well known for its picturesque views, historic landmarks and beautiful tourist spots, it is hard to argue that our county is in its own league.

But despite this, there are still some things which we truly can’t get our head around and being in lockdown doesn’t help.

Whether that be traffic on roads, angry geese or why everyone thinks we have Essex accents – the list is endless.

Those who have lived in Hertfordshire for the majority of their life, or those who have recently moved, let’s hope you all agree on some of the things which we don’t understand.

The Magic Roundabout in Hemel

21 things we will never understand about Hertfordshire

1. What is so magic about the Magic Roundabout? There’s just so many roundabouts.

2. Why some of us have to travel by train into London and then back out to go to somewhere in Herts, which is 20 minutes away by car.

3. Why people seem to hate picking up their dog’s poo.

4. Why no one outside of Hertfordshire can pronounce Hertfordshire or any other places in the county – it’s Cheshunt not Chessant (and no it’s not posh) .

5. People don’t understand that Ware is an actual place and we aren’t pulling your leg … ‘Where are you from?’ ‘I’m from Ware’ ‘Haha, no seriously, where are you from?’ AHHHHH.

6. Why we don’t get enough credit for creating some of the most famous food in Britain (hot cross buns, Braughing sausages).

7. Why everyone outside of the county thinks we are from Essex because of our accents. We don’t really have Essex accents do we?

8. Why are the geese so angry? Lea Valley runners and walkers will vouch for this one.

9. Why Hertfordshire University isn’t rated amongst the very best in the UK.

10. Why the houses seem to cost so much money – way more than anywhere else in the country.

11. How everyone else got a picture with Ricky Gervais when he was filming Afterlife season one and two in Hemel, but we didn’t.

12. Why people outside of Herts assumes everyone from the county supports Tottenham Hotspur … although they are the best so it does make sense.

13. How painfully slow some people walk around the town centres.

14. Why they got rid of the McDonald’s in Waltham Cross when everyone loved it.

15. We never understand why pubs outside of Hertfordshire are nowhere near as good as the ones in it. Everyone will appreciate this more after lockdown.

16. Trains run whenever and wherever they want.

17. Why traffic is so bad across the county.

18. Why isn’t Paradise Wildlife Park not called a zoo? I mean, there’s tigers, elephants and stuff and it is massive.

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19. Why so many celebrities and sports stars are from Hertfordshire. Victoria Beckham, Anthony Joshua…the list goes on.

20. Why it takes 20 minutes to get a round of drinks in Hertford.

21. How anyone could think their county is better than ours! I mean nothing is beating Herts

If you have any of the answers, please let us know!

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